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Cooling Athens undertakes DESIGN by delivering an extensive and detailed offer, free of charge to the interested party, containing the design, construction materials, specifications, completion time and cost of the project.  Finally, the CONSTRUCTION is implemented within the agreed time with control at each stage of the construction.


Cooling Athens activities include:

·        Design and construction of Cold Rooms

·        Design and construction of Factory areas with refrigeration/ cooling

·        Design and construction of industrial related areas with panels

·        Design and construction of retail stores and food processing laboratories

·        Sale of panels, electrical panel cooling machines and related materials

·        Resale of used refrigeration machines and panels

·        Control and recording systems, capable of adjusting and controlling temperature and humidity in cold rooms remotely online.




We maintain collaborations throughout Greece with fellow refrigerants and, depending on their needs, pre- manufacture cold room and cooling unit and ship with an agency. Saving time on project installation.