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Why to trust us


Η Cooling Athens is one of the oldest companies in the field of professional refrigeration and has been active since 1985,undertaking projects in both mainland and the islands of Greece, the Balkans and other European countries, always offering high quality and long lasting construction solutions.

Our company specializes in the study - design - construction of cold rooms, food factories and treatment areas as well as workspaces/ areas with sanitary needs.

It is active in the trade of refrigeration machinery (new / used), materials and other related items. The materials and machinery used by the company are branded, of the highest quality and comply with ISO and CE respectively.

The "heart" of the company consists of fully trained employees who implement every design of the company for the perfect result of the project.

It guarantees the full functionality of individual project installations (building, plumbing, electrical, etc.) as well as the quality control of the project for the more efficient operation of the cold rooms (eg thermal camera imaging).