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Construction / Resale Materials

Construction Materials / Resale Materials

διαφόρων Industrial polyurethane panels of different dimensions and thicknesses from 2.5 to 22 cm

Υλικά Κατασκευής θαλάμων

In all polyurethane panel constructions, all polyurethane is used to avoid thermal bridges.αποφυγή θερμικών γεφυρών.

Also in all joints between the panels is used silicone of the same color for a high aesthetic effect, easy cleaning and avoiding germs.

Finally, in all corners of the room / space, aluminum sanitary nooks are installed for better mechanical strength of the structure, easier cleaning of the space, as well as plastic corners if the construction requires it.

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Flooring of Cold Rooms and Sanitary areas:

·        Industrial type tiles (suitable for sanitary areas and with high mechanical strength) 

·        Textured marine plywood / Wissa (suitable for heavy use and non-slip)

·        Epoxy resin industrial floors (suitable for large industrial surfaces)

Cold room doors
(Italian and domestic)

·        Sliding Doors

·        Hinged Doors

·        Manual Doors

·        Sliding electric with pushbutton and / or wireless control

 To avoid loss of cooling, transparent PVC strips or air curtain are placed behind the door according to the needs of the space.

Cooling Machines / Complexes

The company uses only the highest quality machinery from Europe's largest industrial houses and certified refrigeration engineers for the design and manufacture of refrigerants.